The Challenge

Not weight loss, wellness. We are challenging you to identify and meet your wellness goals. Maybe that includes weight loss, maybe it’s just about a good night’s sleep. Whatever it is, do the work, get there and be one of 11 up-to-$10k winners!

The Details

Once you’ve identified your wellness goals we’ll chat with you to set a plan. You’ll purchase the products that are right for you. The nutrition plans, the accountability group, the work outs are all free. We’re here to see you succeed.

The Products

Our world-class nutritional products are so much more than supplements. They are changing lives. Have you said, I don’t take supplements. We said it too. This is why we came up with a line worth taking. All the things you want, none of the things you don’t.

Accountable & Effective


This is our second 90 day challenge. We have effectively coached participant after participant to achieve their goals. Our structured workout program, our accountability group, and our products will get you to your wellness goals.

What You Win!

Platinum Prize

One winner will receive $10k!

Gold Prizes

10 winners will receive $1k prizes!

Silver Prizes

24 Hand-picked participants will win swag!

What’s included!

Meal Plan

Nutrition education from Dr. Andreas Boettcher, meal plan and tracking tools.

Exercise Library

Because every wellness goal is improved when you move the body. If body recomposition is your goal, our strength program will get you there!

Facebook Group

Where you can converse with like-minded community members, ask questions and get answers.

Weekly Check-Ins

Live education, support and accountability from our team of wellness experts.

Nutrition Products

Put the best nutraceuticals on the market in your body.

Previous Participants


This is way out of my comfort zone, however I have been asked to share the results to give others faith and hope.

I wanted to see what the products alone would do for me. I started taking the Triangle of Health and the collagen products. What you see is simply a result of putting better nutrition in my body for 90 days.


I’m 38 years old and I’ve had 2 children delivered by C-Section. I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, and my weight since having my children. They are now 8 and 11 years old. I’ve suffered from terrible knee pain, upper back, and neck pain.

2.5 years ago I started taking the Triangle of Health. I never realized how annoying all my aches and pains were until one morning about 2 weeks into taking the TOH. I was sleeping better than ever, no more stiff neck pain, my knee had zero pain as well!

When they did the first 90 Day Challenge, I had to hop on board.

I started seeing the results immediately. In my first 2 weeks the weight started falling off. I was amazed at the new muscle definition and my body literally transforming before my eyes.


I am a father of 4 teenagers, and husband to a beautiful supportive woman. I work as a craftsman at a mining refinery. I joined the first challenge to lose weight.

I changed the way I ate, supplemented (first time in my life), exercised, and lived. Sugar was cut out. Within 90 days, I ate more good food than I have ever eaten in my life, yet 50 lbs. fell off me.

No gym because I couldn’t really exercise due to the pain. Towards the end of my 90 day challenge, the pain was gone. Shoulder, back, knees, and hip are all pain free. I wrestle the my kiddos with no problems. Four teenagers take a lot of energy and I have it to spare now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the nutritional products if I am pregnant?

Always consult a doctor or physician before taking any supplementation while pregnant or nursing. We have a ‘Doctor’s Note’ with a complete list of ingredients you can review with your physician. Click here for it. 

Will the products help me lose weight?

Ingredients in the products have been proven to boost metabolism.  An effective metabolism is paramount in helping you lose weight.  


How do I enroll in the challenge?

It’s simple!  Just scroll up and click the ‘Sign Up Now!’ button and follow the process!  You’ll be provided with everything you need to begin your healthy living journey!

Will the nutritional products cure my…?

We are not doctors nor do we know your medical history or what is causing your issues. However, we have had hundreds of thousands of people experience tremendous results with our products.

Are the nutritional products meal replacements?

The nutritional and protein products can be taken as a meal replacement, yes!